How To Wear A Colourful Blazer In Any Season

How To Wear A Colourful Blazer In Any Season

We’ve talked at least a thousand times about that staunch sartorial stalwart, the navy blazer. We stand by everything we’ve ever said about it, but now that summer has officially started, we’re in a bolder, brighter mood. For our purposes, the word ‘colourful’ merely means ‘not neutral’ – so no need to fear we’re about to recommend head-to-toe neon pink tailoring.

We’re simply suggesting you embrace the season and ditch the grey, black and navy for something with a little more personality. Read on for how to wear a colourful blazer.

How To Wear Green Blazers

Let’s start by jumping straight into the deep end: greens. Right now you’re probably grumbling that green has no place in tailoring, but take one look above and you’ll know you’re wrong. From bottle greens, to sage, to jewel tones, to pastels, it’s entirely possible to rock a green blazer and look slick. Keep it simple everywhere else (think grey trousers, black Oxfords) and you’ve got smart-casual look that will see you through the day and into evening.

How To Wear Red Blazers

Red offers plenty of opportunities for experimentation, depending on how wild you’re willing to get. A deep burgundy shade is easy to wear (just ask guys like Robert Pattinson and Ryan Gosling, who have sported it on the red carpet) and surprisingly elegant. To make more of a statement, try a vivd Crayola crayon red or touchable fabric like velvet. And don’t fret that your red blazer is a summer-only purchase – as you can see above, it will work equally well over a chunky knit in winter.

How To Wear Bright Blue Blazers

Navy is a no-no, but you don’t have to bid the blues farewell entirely. Instead, opt for anything else in the blue family – aqua, pastel, cobalt, turquoise, teal, etc. If you’re concerned about it being too much, you can anchor a bright blue blazer with khakis or dark denim. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to push a boundaries, take a chance on a monochromatic blue outfit or coloured trousers in a different hue entirely.

How To Wear Purple Blazers

It’s impossible not to notice a strong choice like a purple blazer. While it may seem intimidating to style at first, confidence is your best friend (and it shouldn’t be hard to find once you realise how cool you look against the endless sea of dull jackets). Dress it down with neutrals or dress it up with more colours underneath. Remember that purple is a royal colour, and as monarch you can wear whatever you damn well want and make it look good.

How To Wear Pink & Salmon Blazers

No, we’re still not suggesting a head-to-toe neon extravaganza. What we are suggesting is a more muted shade of pink, which is almost universally flattering on all skin types. A pastel or other softer hue is a perfect compromise for the gentleman who wants to experiment with colour but isn’t prepared to dive head-first into rainbow waters. Finish off the dapper look with a natty pocket square and an attitude that says “Yes, real men do wear pink.”

Rules To Follow When It Comes To Colourful Blazers

  • Choose colours carefully. Make sure you complexion works well with the blazer colour.
  • Avoid shiny fabrics. They look cheap. You’re not cheap.
  • Match your blazer with complimentary colours.
  • If you’re unsure what to make your colourful blazer with, then keep it simple. Blue jeans is always safe.

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