How To Wear A Light Blue Suit

Blue with envy.

How To Wear A Light Blue Suit

You may be thinking we’ve gone completely mad but the light blue suit is one of those rare formal menswear looks that can be magnificent if done right. Get Jeff Daniel in Dumb & Dumber out of your head. And the same goes for Ben Stiller in Something About Mary.

In 2014 I purchased a made to measure suit from P Johnson tailors in Melbourne. Let’s just say I wore the suit a grand total of once. Why? I chose the wrong blue. It was such a statement that I could never bring myself to wear it again. – Luc Wiesman, D’Marge

To make a light blue suit work, think of a day at the races, a summer wedding, an awards ceremony or maybe just a cocktail event where you want to stand out.

The secret to owning the light blue suit look is the following:

  • Choose the right shade of light blue
  • Fit is everything
  • Subtle checks only – nothing over the top
  • Choose your occasion to wear the blue suit wisely
  • If in doubt, wear the jacket only

What Shirt To Wear With A Light Blue Suit

When it comes to pairing a shirt with a light blue suit we would normally ride on the safety and caution side, but that’s not always the case. A white shirt will always be suitable. A light blue or lilac coloured shirt will be too. If you’re more daring we would recommend hunting down a floral print or geometric patterned shirt. Ensure the suit colour and shirt are complimentary otherwise you will be attracting far too much attention for one man.

What Tie To Wear With A Light Blue Suit

Our advice for matching a tie with a light blue suit is much the same as a shirt. Keep it simple. Textured ties, small patterns and maybe some patterns if you’re keen. Here you must decide whether you want the suit and shirt to do the talking or the suit and tie – not all three screaming at once. If you can, avoid wearing a belt. It will only add more shit to the look that you don’t need.

What Shoes To Wear With A Light Blue Suit

Brown shoes will always be acceptable when you’re wearing a light blue suit. In some cases creme loafers may just work – just be careful not to look like Cousin Eddie from National Lampoon’s Vacation. A dark brown monk strap or brogue will work nicely so we recommend sticking to that. If you want a more casual look then sneakers are your answer here. If you must wear a belt, then matching it to your shoes is a simple piece of advice.

Light Blue Suits & Sneakers

If you’re ditching the tie then a pair of white or navy blue sneakers is a great choice to complete your more casual light blue suit look. Common Projects, Converse and even Stan Smiths are all acceptable. Just ensure they’re new or very clean. Dirty sneakers tell people you are the kind of person who leaves dishes in the basin for days. Eeew.

Light Blue Blazer & Pants Combination

Lastly, if there’s just too much light blue that a man can stand, then you may want to separate your suit. In this instance you want to make sure your blazer is well tailored to your body shape. Both single breasted and double breasted jackets will work nicely. On the bottom you want to pair the jacket with navy, bone or white trousers. Black trousers tend to be too heavy so avoid those. Bight colours such as yellow and reds will look ridiculous so avoid that too. Dress it down with a t-shirt or an open collar shirt then complete the look with a scarf or pocket square.

There you have it. If you’re in need of a new light blue suit then we recommend trying ASOS or Mr Porter. Keep in mind that light blue suits are most often available in Summer.