How To Wear Loungewear When You’re A Guy

Sleep damn fine style.


Never before has it been so fashionable to relax. Or make our lives appear that way on Instagram through #weekendgoals, should that be your weird flex.

This whole philosophy of ‘slow living’ – mindfulness, being still and in the moment – is seeing men chill more, recuperate after a long day at work and even spend the odd Saturday night in, lounging about on the couch.

And because fashion is a mouthpiece for current cultural trends, luxury brands are turning their hands to louche lounging too, crafting well-designed garments for simply laying around the house.

Defining Cool Men’s Loungewear

Made from soft cotton or exotic cashmere, and impeccably cut and crafted, some loungewear is so refined today that men are wearing their sweats inside – and outside of the home – with the correct styling, of course.

Neutral colours – navy, black, white and literally fifty shades of grey – are the homogenous palette for the contemporary couch potato; delving into reds, purples and greens for more sophisticated and silky items – just like the icons used to wear.

Getting you set for a big night – in, here’s our gentlemen’s guide to stylish and comfortable loungewear. Then, click through the slideshow for ten loungewear brands we’re loving right now. See that? We’re getting better at mindfulness too. Now where’s that tv remote?

Wool, Silk, Cashmere & Cotton Sweatpants

Outside the realms of the onesie, sweaters and sweat pants are the most potentially tragic loungewear piece for men; the need for comfort often proving detrimental to style. From top or bottom, loop back cotton jersey is supremely comfortable, breathable and the most affordable fabric for your sweats (unless you go pure polyester, which we do not recommend).

The most luxurious material of them all? Wool, silk or cashmere. And opting for a blend of one of these with cotton or a cheaper synthetic, gives some much-needed longevity to your sweats. And increases the likelihood of them being machine washable.

Men’s Track Pants

For an adjustable fit, look for trackies with a drawstring and pockets, opting for zips to avoid important keepsakes falling out and into the cracks of your couch. Think tailored-trouser for the pant silhouette, slim and following loosely the contours of the leg. Ribbed cuffs at the ankle give the bottoms extra refinement through tapering. As do front pleats – to mimic suit pants – up top.

For extra detail, look to contrast stitching, contrast cuff colours and extra pockets (on the backside or side of the leg), as well as zips which work as aesthetic decoration and have a functional appeal.

Cool Men’s Sweaters

Like sweatpants, sweaters should be slim – though not restrictive – and boast functional points of interest – tapered cuffs and hems and ribbed neckline. Look to intarsia patterns and retro prints for sweaters (the play on prints looks less childish on tops as opposed to bottoms). Or stick to foolproof navy, grey or black for a minimalist style. Again, zips and pockets add active details that look cool and have a function.

Boxers, Briefs & Thermal Underwear

From boxer shorts to briefs to long-johns (thermal underwear), underwear is a personal decision. When buying underwear as loungewear, consider the following: finding a pair that breathes well and that is supportive but not too tight.

For the former, avoid satin boxers (also for the Hugh Hefner-factor) as they stifle air flow. For a great all-rounder, opt for cotton – affordable and comfortable – with a bit of stretch when buying a blend with elastic fibres. And say no to synthetics; your privates will thank you for it, especially in summer.

Cool & Comfortable T-Shirts

Again, comfort is key. As loungewear, you’re not going to be worried about the rules of shirt tucking. Nor be too concerned about the t-shirt neckline. Going for pure cotton always, opt for scoop for a looser, longer fit or crew or v-neck for the standard slim to regular fit.

The t-shirt collarless design is an easy, paired back version of the pyjama shirt too. And, like the sweat shirt or cuffed jogger pant, basic t-shirts are suitable for slipping into your daily fashion arsenal. So, pick shirts in  nice cut and colour, designed for outdoor appearances too – to maximise their value-to-wear ratio.

Classic Dressing Gown

Dressing gowns – are the perfect post-shower put on – and are a comfortable outerwear option for a night at home. Most quality robes come with pockets and a belt for secure fastening and giving back shape, as well as a definitive shawl collar; sometimes crafted in a contrast colour or fabric for additional style and texture.

Cotton jersey is the most versatile – giving comfort and quality, while a flannel-cotton blend will give some extra warmth in winter. Wanna spend some money? Silk adds a chic element to loungewear. And, if you’re ok with a bit of statement dressing gown, opt for a rich red or paisley jacquard with brown trim. Vey European.

Cool Pyjamas For Men

Pyjamas are meant to be a quirky portrayal of personal style. So unless you’re Mr. Play-It-Safe in the bedroom, why not inject some pattern and colour? For the classic gent, plaid or stripe patterned pjs are big this season – in primary red, navy blue, white or dark green – reminiscent of times when aristocracy didn’t have to work.

Meanwhile, pastel jacquard fabrics are – like the dressing grown – more refined and springtime, some coming with coloured piping of the edge of collared pj shirts. For the modern main, a plain t-shirt and cotton bottoms, short or long are neat and easy (and little more attractive to your bedfellow than formal pjs).

Pants should be relaxed and light, and loosely elastic at the waist and ankle cuff. Fabrics are more diverse: ranging from pure silk to cotton or flannel and woollen materials for winter months.

Cool Men’s Slippers

Slippers are at home as loungewear. Perfect for little trips outdoors – getting clothes in off of the line or retrieving the mail – the slipper is as luxurious as you want to be.

Woven leather versions sit at the more premium end of the spectrum – especially when made from calfskin, while velvet slippers with embroidered toe detail are a plush choice – and a great way to add some subtle colour – burgundy, forest green or navy, to your otherwise neutral, lounge look.

Look for suede loafer models with a fleece-lining in the cooler months. Above all? Avoid novelty slippers; giant animal paws and Disney character heads are strictly off-limits.

Want to know where to get your next sweat pants or robe? Click through the slideshow for our favourite loungewear brands for men.

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