HP Spectre: The World's Most Ridiculously Handsome Laptop

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When the humble laptop grows up, goes on a diet and dons a flashy new suit which doesn’t impede performance, it’s time to put those tablets on probation.

Inside The Design

The HP Spectre holds the impressive record as the world’s thinnest laptop today, coming in at a ridiculously svelte 10.4mm thick. What makes this feat even more impressive though is the fact that the HP boffins didn’t allow the shrunken-down unit to compromise any of its processing power in pursuit of good looks.

Built around a stringent design criteria, HP’s latest laptop is destined for the hands of the modern discerning man who prioritises aesthetic appeal alongside seamless functionality in both work and play.

This is a striking feature which can be seen in the laptop’s luxe appointment of copper accents against a full satin black finish. Even the HP logo scores a slick new copper makeover to ensure that users stand out for all the right reasons.

Of course good looks is only secondary to what a true laptop is designed to do: Perform anytime, anywhere.

Technical Specifications

The HP Spectre is a high achiever in its class boasting Intel’s sixth generation Core i5 and i7 technology to ensure the most advanced processing power available at one’s fingertips. To keep up with the speed, the Spectre comes with storage options in either 256GB or 512GB alongside 8GB of RAM.

The result is stunning visuals and seamless operation projected onto the FHD 13.3-inch LED display. The Spectre even manages to promise 9 hours of battery life whilst weighing in at a barely noticeable 1.11kg.

Finishing Touches

For us the beauty of the HP Spectre lies in its exacting detail and execution of a compact performer. Running this machine for a few days proved how seamlessly the software kicks to life on the go whilst any lingering fear of a lack of processing power was quickly diminished.

We ran multiple browser tabs (some with video) and installed programs without a sign of lag from the Spectre. If we had to pick the best bits of the HP Spectre it’d probably be the vivid FHD screen and soft-touch keys on the keyboard.