Hugh Jackman’s New Workout Could Be Your Ticket To Wolverine Arm Strength

Lusting after bulging biceps? Hugh shows you how.

Former demi-devil and current Broadway actor Hugh Jackman continues to prove that just because you’re on the wrong side of 50, it doesn’t mean you have to neglect your body. The Australian megastar often posts his workouts online and his latest arm-focused workout could inspire you to build some bulging biceps of your own.

Hugh targets both biceps and triceps in his latest post, carrying out rope pulldowns and dumbbell preacher curls with personal trainer John Quint. He appears to be taking the workout more seriously than some of his others, with no augmented reality rappers insight.


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While we all may want huge biceps to stretch our t-shirts to their absolute limit, the forearms are often left neglected, but training them could hold the secret to gaining Wolverine arm strength. As the above post shows, Hugh invokes both variety and the advice of a trainer to achieve this goal – something every aspiring sleeve buster should take note of.

On that note, we suggest following the advice of personal trainer Peter O’Reilly, who recently said, “Nothing completes arm development like a thick muscular forearm.” In the same Instagram post, the PT also said your forearms should already be getting a slight workout from your regular routines, adding that some “metabolic stress once or twice a week” will “supercharge growth.”


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He goes on to outline the various exercises and moves you can do to target specific areas of the arm, such as switching between supinated (underhand) and pronated (overhand) grips, allowing you to become the Mr. Universe you’re destined to be.

Thick forelimbs await.