Robots Will Produce Your Made-To-Measure Suits In The Future

Robots Will Produce Your Made-To-Measure Suits In The Future

Picture this rip-off of a classic scene.

‘Sarah Connor?’
‘Thanks for shopping with us. Here’s your made-to-measure suit. Please visit your robotic tailor again soon.’

And that’s how the future of men’s suiting could manifest itself in a not-too-distant future. Whilst some argue that technology should never impede on an age-old tradition, there are pockets of people who tend to throw caution at the wind in pursuit of innovation and efficiency. Welcome to the Hugo Boss Technical Centre.

The German label has taken to the often conservative men’s fashion market with a revolutionary way of crafting their latest range of made-to-measure suits which all but eliminates the human element. You read right, precision engineered German robots programmed to produce made-to-measure suits. This radical concept was first introduced by Hugo Boss back in 2011 at the label’s Frankfurt and Zurich flagships stores and has since garnered global praise and attention amongst the modern discerning gent.

Designed to reflect the high calibre of Savile Row suiting standards, the robotic range of made-to-measure garments are personalisable whilst retaining the polished fit and finish of premium fabrics. The price for minimal human intervention doesn’t come cheap though with partially handcrafted suits starting from €1,700.

Even though that price tag puts it in the region of today’s man-made-to-measure suits, Hugo Boss shows no signs of slowing down as they continue to invest in their ‘technical centre’. The sort of technology this investment buys? The latest in laser and sewing robotics which can replicate the intricacies in every stage of handcrafted tailoring. And yes, they also come programmed with the knowledge of seamstresses in order to guarantee precise manufacturing without compromising on individuality.

As an example, one only needs to look at the gimp buttonhole of a Boss robotic made-to-measure suit. It’s been designed to appear handmade, but is actually created via a computer. Suits comprise of 180 individual pieces of fabric which have been cut by laser to allow patterns like pinstripe and Prince-of-Wales check to appear seamless when completed. The only human-made part of the suit is the lining which is still crafted by hand to ensure optimum levels of comfort.

Of course just like the other stages of Hugo Boss’ robotic-made suits, it should only be a matter of time before the Boss engineers have figured out a way to do that via a robot too.

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