China Is Living In 2050 With Genius ‘Husband Storage Cage’ Shopping Centre Feature

"I've been waiting for this for decades."

While Australian men are dragging their feet and napping in shopping centres, Chinese men are living in 2050 and having an absolute blast.

That’s right: a recent Instagram post has highlighted China’s genius solution for men who are absolutely bored out of their minds while their partner’s shop.

By looking at the image, it’s clear that men can seek refuge in little glass rooms that are decked out with a comfortable reclining chair, large TV and video games.

These rooms are commonly known in China as ‘husband pods’ or ‘video game pods’ and are located in Shanghai’s Global Harbour shopping mall. According to BBC, the pods were first installed back in 2017.

Most who stumbled upon the Instagram post agreed the pods were a brilliant idea with one user commenting, “This is smart” and another writing, “I’ve been waiting for this for decades.”

These ‘husband pods’ are located in a shopping mall in China. Image Credit: @blokespsychology

However, not everyone agreed that these gaming pods are a good addition to shopping malls. One user challenged the stereotype that men hate accompanying their partners on shopping trips and wrote,

“I actually enjoy shopping with my wife. Especially if it’s clothes shopping. I really enjoy complimenting her and picking out clothes I think would look great on her.”

Another thought the idea of putting men in these glass pods (that kind of look like cages) was “dehumanizing” and “gross.”

One Instagram user was on the fence and commented that she’d be on board if the video game pods were “gender inclusive” and allowed women to use them as well as men.

I’m personally in agreeance; if anyone – regardless of their gender – can use the gaming pods, I’m all for them and can’t wait for the pods to be rolled out in Western countries so I can play some video games in a comfy chair on my next shopping trip…

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