This Smart Condom Measures Your Performance & Detects STIs


Here’s a tip. Men can now get their hands on a “smart condom” which is promising to be the next revolution in sexual intercourse.

Developed by British Condoms, the new i.Con is actually a ring designed to slide over any conventional condom at the base. Its job? Just self-deprecating tasks like counting the number of thrusts you’ve made, the calories burnt in a session and the all-important girth size. So it’s basically a sports watch for your penis.

The i.Con smart condom works with an implanted nano chip which is connected to a stack of sensors in the ring to do all of the number crunching in real time. Once the deed is done, the data is sent to the i.Con app on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Alternatively users can connect the smart condom directly to their device for data transfer and charging via a micro USB port (take that, new Macbook).

What exactly i.Con wants people to do with their prized sex data is anyone’s guess, but we’d assume it’s more for motivational purposes than banter material for the in-laws. i.Con even offers the option for users to anonymously share their results with other i.Con users worldwide.

Besides the aforementioned parameters, i.Con’s smart condom stipulates that it can also measure the speed of thrusts, sex durations, average skin temperature, different positions conducted and the presence of STIs like chlamydia. Whoa.

Without any evidence from the team at i.Con on how it plans to achieve this, one can only assume it as marketing spin.

Adam Leverson who is the lead engineer on the project told Metro that “Not only have we innovated the world’s first Smart Condom Ring that’ll measure pretty much every aspect of performance in the bedroom, but now I’m pleased to confirm that it will also have built-in indicators to alert the users to any potential STIs present.”

Those worried about wearing a ring need not as the designers claim that it’s super comfortable and lightweight to a point where users “won’t even know it’s there”. And yes, the smart condom is also adjustable to suit any girth.

The i.Con will officially hit the market at the end of the year for £60. There’s currently a waiting list of 96,000 pre-orders though so best to wait and see what happens to those guinea pigs.