This Is Where You'll Find IKEA's First Museum

Whether you recognise IKEA for its affordable, difficult-to-assemble or ridiculously named furniture solutions, the brand has made quite a name for itself over the past 70 odd years. Fitting, then, that IKEA is about the open its very own museum, located inside the world’s first IKEA store.

Over 55 years ago, IKEA opened its first store in Sweden‘s Älmhult region. Despite being closed for a few years now, the store has been converted into the home of IKEA’s first museum, a space where visitors can get up close and personal with the brand’s history and detail.

The 7,000 sq. metre space will house 20,000 objects from the IKEA Museum Archives and collections and will be split into three themes: “Our Roots”, “Our Story” and “Your Stories”, chronicling IKEA’s journey from 19th century Småland to the ideas, solutions and ups and downs of the company and finally, the customer and how real people use IKEA in their daily lives.

As well as the rolling exhibitions, you can even enrol in the IKEA Museum School Programme to learn about entrepreneurship, technology and design, history and society or just tuck into some Swedish meatballs at the museum’s 200-person restaurant. With the IKEA Museum opening on June 30th, you’ll never look at your coffee table the same again.