IKEA's Latest Collection Will Make Fashionistas, Sneakerheads & Skate Enthusiasts Weep Tears Of Joy

IKEA is finally moving into streetwear territory.

Ikea Spanst

IKEA is officially lit. That’s the hype beast verdict on SPÄNST,  a furniture collaboration between streetwear label STAMPD designed to show off your latest threads and sneakers in a sleek minimalistic setting.

The strikingly curated pieces range in everything from affordable skateboards, to transparent sneaker cases, to chairs and hoodies. The designs exists thanks to the creative minds of Chris Stamp, STAMPD’s founder, and furniture designer Maja Ganszyniec.

The result is naturally Scandinavian but with an edgy monochromatic twist which IKEA says isn’t just home furnishings – it’s a lifestyle.

“Fashion and furniture are different animals, but the creative process is similar,” Stamp said in IKEA’s SPÄNST announcement.

“With this collection I’ve learned that it’s worth pushing the limits.”

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More importantly the collection’s pieces are all pretty affordable. The transparent sneaker boxes retail for US$20 whilst the wardrobe goes for US$229. Even the monochromatic basketball hoop is within reach at US$35. There’s also more random stuff like LED light sticks which are intended to be thrown in a corner for that chic industrial look.

Stamp explained that there was a reason for this. “I grew up surfing and skating. Here in So Cal, skating is more than transportation. It’s a culture.”

Those keen to deck their pad out with street chic will be happy to know that the collection is available for worldwide purchase from May 1.