A Heat Activated Penis Implant Could Save Your Sex Life

Sex Life
Saved By The Bell

Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may soon have a saviour in the form of a heat-activated penis implant.

Scientists believe that within five years, an audacious new technology will trump traditional forms of pharmaceutical erectile solutions including Viagra. The penis implant is made from nitinol, a nickel titanium alloy which expands when it comes into contact with heat.

Headed by Brian Le and his team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the implant will work alongside a remote-controlled heating device which can be activated by the user. According to the International Business Times who spoke to Le, the device works by waving a control over the implant resulting in the penis to grow both in girth and length.

“We demonstrated that an Ni-Ti-based prosthesis can produce the mechanical forces necessary for producing a simulated erection without the need for a pump or reservoir, comparable with existing prostheses,” Le and his team explained in Urology.

The advanced implant will act as an exoskeleton once it is inserted into the penis (think Wolverine and his Adamantium claws minus the slicing and dicing). When subjected to room temperature the nitinol will be dormant resulting in a flaccid and flexible penis. Once heat is applied the material begins to take shape in the “remembered” format as it grows in straight orientation to reach an erection.

There’s still a lengthy testing phase to go before the five year development phase but the team has assured that if it meets its goals, men should see a final functioning product within five to ten years.

“We’re hoping that, with a better device, a better patient experience, and a simpler surgery, more urologists would perform this operation, and more patients would want to try the device,” Le said in the International Business Times.

“It’s a survivorship issue – restoring function can help people feel whole in their bodies again.”

The idea of shoving a metal exoskeleton into one’s penis might not be to every man’s idea of fun but other alternatives to date including penis pumps and implants have proved to be damaging, leaving men with permanent erections and irreversible harm.

A Wolverine penis might not sound like a bad idea after all. Best you not name it that though.

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