Step Inside This Vintage Industrial Loft From LA's Fashion District

Industrial Loft

The Fashion District of Los Angeles is renowned for some of the trendiest people on the West Coast scene as well as their accompanying abodes.

This particular industrial loft whose occupants consist of a young couple, their dog and a fish is the perfect example of this. The 140 square-metre space is a creative’s dream home which effortlessly combines an open office space with vintage-inspired living quarters.

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Think a Chesterfield lounge, raw hardwood finishings and quirky art decor pieces strewn throughout. To add an even further lineage to Los Angeles, the owners say that all of the furniture was picked up from the local flea markets.

A 1940s cinema light acts as the home’s centre piece which adds a depth of character to the light filled lounge which is also home to a vintage Rhodes Piano, a 1920s converted bar and World War II which double as side tables.

To bring the space in line with modern times, a projector has been added to project movies across an entire wall face, making Netflix nights an experience to cherish on the queen-sized daybed.

Whether it’s work, play or eat, this is the perfect industrial loft to get it done. Even the dog and fish will approve.