Instagram Is Going After Snapchat With Latest Feature


Instagram has witnessed the global phenomenon of Snapchat and today the Facebook-owned photo sharing company has introduced Stories to challenge this.

The feature which comes with the latest Instagram update will allow users to add text, emojis and draw with coloured markers to edit a photo which follows closely with the functionality of Evan Spigel-Kerr’s own photo app. Whether or not Stories will be a success is still to be seen, but it appears they’re playing catchup with the popularity of a social media app which doesn’t require the curated attentiveness of Instagram.

This factor alone is pushing more users of Instagram onto Snapchat with the former uploaders often telling their followers to see more of the content on their Snapchat account.

Instagram have already borrowed some of Snapchat’s ideas in the past with features such as Live Moments which was introduced last October. Facebook meanwhile launched two of their own self-destructing message platforms. The app’s strategic move towards less permanent content arrives just after Snapchat debuted its intuitive Memories feature which sends a user’s Snaps into the cloud, allowing them to access them again at their desire.

The latest Stories feature is now available to try out on the new update. Watch the demo video above to find out  more.