Hottest Interior Design Trends Set To Rule 2018

Interior Design 2018

New year, new you…and new interior design trends.

From popular colours, patterns and materials, to the must-have textures and furniture, here’s what every man needs to know about creating a man cave worthy of calling your own in 2018.

Warmer Colours

Make your colour theme Ultra Violet

Screw you, Millennial Pink, you’re dead to us.

The colour experts over at Pantone Institute have revealed their colour of the year to be Ultra Violet, a rich and intense purple hue that injects mystery and sophistication into a room. The popularity of jewel tones is set to wane, while warmer colours like shades of red will dominate.

These could include hues like burnt orange and bright ruby. Joining this warm colour palette are earthy shades and deep greys. Neutral metallic round out the 2018 rainbow will be making an appearance in a living room near you.

Concrete Materials

Concrete accents are taking over

Marble and granite are taking a backseat this year, with stonework and concrete accents taking over. While concrete floors and countertops are obvious starting points, accents like concrete pendant lights and even furniture are on the cards, too.

Be careful not too go too far with the concrete trend, though, or your home will appear overly industrial and sterile, which is the opposite of the warm interior trends of 2018.

Dark woods like rosewood and walnut are set to soar and charring techniques will create blackened surfaces that look hardy and homely. Replacing copper at the top of the metallic table is brass, with silver-toned metallics not far behind.

Edgier Textures

Rugged and gritty is where it’s at

Rugged and gritty is where it’s at for texture this year. Think composite granite sinks and rough stone. Organic materials will be popular, with traditional handcrafts thrown in to the mix for good measure. Thick rugs and tasselled trows should be welcomed, as should wool, suede and even velvet.

Floral Patterns

We’re not suggesting nanna-floral

Flower power: Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting nanna-floral. 2018 sees a trend towards bright botanicals and oversized florals in vibrant contrasting colours. Compliment your new floral digs with a healthy dose of indoor plants – and we mean healthy! Cluster potted plants together to create points of interest and foster a tranquil atmosphere.

Colourful Kitchens

Bye bye traditional white kitchens

Bye bye traditional white kitchens. Mismatched crockery and tableware are in, as are dark wood tones (dark wood cabinet doors) combined with neutrals. This duo will make for a warm, yet, fresh, kitchen vibe.

While we’re in the kitchen, backsplashes have also received a makeover this year. Instead of the recent trend for hexagon and subway tiles, modern tiles that mimic the look of resin, wood, concrete and wallpaper will reign.

Keep Up The Good (Mill) Work

Keep your eyes peeled for reclaimed wood

Millwork will be popular again this year, so keep your eyes peeled for reclaimed wood and put your handyman skills to good use by whipping up a bedhead yourself.

Try adding some wood panelling or intricate window frames to the mix for the ultimate millworked home.

Millwork leads us into the next trend nicely: recycled furniture. It’s hot hot hot in 2018, and you should jump on the second-hand bandwagon.

Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting is a must have this year

In keeping with the trend towards unique and recycled interiors, vintage lighting is a must have this year.

Fixtures like worn copper pendant lights, quirky chandeliers, old-school sconces and retro lanterns should be considered, and placed generously around the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom and every living space in between.

Sinking In

Deep, low maintenance and incredibly functional

The slick farmhouse trend sees free-standing trough and bucket sinks making their way into our bathrooms. Deep, durable, wide, low maintenance and incredibly functional, these sinks can also be used in the laundry or kitchen for a modern rustic makeover.