7 New iPhone Hacks You Need To Know About

When you think about it, iPhones are a bit like the big blue. With 95% of the ocean still unmapped and more known about the moon’s surface than the ocean depths, it can often feel like staying up-to-date with every iOS update is similarly a bit of a leap into the unknown.

If you’re spending a lot of your time tapping, swiping and scrolling, read on for a few new gestures that will keep your finger on the iPhone pulse and make checking your emails, looking through photos and navigating that little bit easier.

#1 Save Drafts In Mail


If you need to quickly refer back to a message in your inbox while drafting a new one, you can simply swipe down and it will sit at the bottom edge of your screen until you’re ready to tap back into it to keep writing.

#2 Select Photos


Trying to make space on your phone by bulk-deleting old happy snaps? Don’t keep tap-tap-tapping away, make life a little easier for yourself by tapping the Select button in the upper-right corner and dragging your finger across rows of photos.

#3 Move To The Top Or Bottom Of An Album


Instead of wasting all of your time scrolling through your many photos, just tap the edge of the screen to take you back to the top or bottom of your gallery in seconds.

#4 Zoom In On Videos


Trying to zoom in on that hilarious video of your mate getting rejected at the bar? Well, you can actually pinch-to-zoom in on videos just like you would with photos.

#5 Choose Your Scrubbing Speed


Choose the speed you want to slow down or speed up your music or podcasts by dragging a small vertical line on the timeline to move to a new spot – called scrubbing. By tapping the vertical line and moving your finger up and down, you can scrub hi to half speed without lifting a finger.

#6 Backspace On Your Calculator


Have you ever accidentally tapped the ‘C’ button on your iPhone’s calculator to find that you’ve lost all the digits you’ve just entered? Well now you can edit your number entry by swiping left or right.

#7 See Recently Closed Tabs


If you just closed a tab in Safari by accident you can view it again by tapping the button in the lower-right corner to view all of your tabs then tapping and holding down the “+” button in the middle of the toolbar.