Features You'll Care About From The Latest iPhone 8 Leak

Fresh details of the iPhone 8 without all of the tech jargon.

Another day, another Apple iPhone “leak” which usually carries with it a bit of fanfare and debate. Well we’re forgoing all of that white noise today and telling you exactly what you need to know about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 – minus the excess trim.

The latest leak reportedly comes from Apple themselves who “accidentally” released firmware for their HomePod smart speaker. The only issue? It also had a schematic of the iPhone 8 embedded in it. Long story short, the coding freaks got to it and extracted (and confirmed) a host of iPhone 8 details that have been rumoured in the past.

Here’s what they are.

Quick Charging & Wireless Charging

More necessity than a new feature, Apple were a bit slow to pick up the wireless charging feature in their current range of iPhones on the market. This will all change with the iPhone 8 as it is confirmed there will be different battery icons in iOS11 – a move which suggests an alternative charging mechanism to what users are used to. What constitutes to ‘quick charging’ from Apple is still to be seen but let’s hope the rapid battery depletion rate issue (30% – 0% in 10 minutes) has been eradicated after a few years of use.

Physical Home Button Removed

This one has been speculated about for a while and with the official schematic released by Apple themselves, it is now confirmed that the physical home button has left the iPhone for the first time ever. In its place will be a screen-based home button which makes for a cleaner front face design with a single pane of glass. There will also be smaller bezels throughout the phone to complement its new minimalist aesthetic.

Infra-Red Face Unlocking

Unlocking a phone with your thumbprint is so 2015. The iPhone 8 will boast face ID or face recognition technology called “Pearl” to take on the traditional role of fingerprint scanning. Not that it was really a hassle to begin with…but it’s cool, one would suppose.

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