‘Italian-style coffee’ or ‘espressos’ lower risks of heart disease

Spilling the beans...

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Your coffee order says a lot about you – and not just what tickles your tastebuds. Much like Google can feed you pink sneakers or dodgy cargo pant ads accordingly, any barista worth their latte art should be able to hear your order and make a complex anthropological assessment about you in the time it takes the steam wand to froth your milk.

We’ve spoken to them and rest assured; they’re doing it. There are of course exceptions. But they’re no fun to talk about. What is fun, however, is studies that tell you to drink more coffee.

Enter: a recent study conducted by Italian scientists, in which it was observed drinking espresso makes you less likely to die.

In the study, published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers found a link between drinking “Italian-style coffee” (a short black) and “lower risks of all-cause and, specifically, of [cardiovascular disease] mortality.”

It’s still the case if you drink too much coffee you risk heart palpitations etc. But provided you are a healthy adult and you stay in the acceptable range, the study may hold relevance to you.

Over an eight-year period researchers followed 20,487 individuals with no cardiovascular disease (CVD) or cancer to begin with. Each of the participants drank at least 30ml of espresso each day.

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Participants’ dietary information was also considered in the study. Taking this into consideration, the scientists found that compared to those who didn’t drink coffee, three to four espresso shots of “Italian style coffee” was associated with lower risks of all-cause and, specifically, of CVD mortality. Per Yahoo, the scientists “believe this is thanks to a specific compound called NTproBNP.”

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So sorry latte, flat-white and cappuccino drinkers. Your worst nightmare has just come true: those pretentious espresso drinkers who keep calling you ‘basic’ were right. Not necessarily for the reason they thought (the ‘basic’ accusations tend to be more to do with coffee culture, not health). But still. Ouch.

Put that in your cup and drink it.

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