Jamie Foxx Finally Reveals Cause Of His 20-Day Coma & Near-Death Experience

"I was gone for 20 days..."

Jamie Foxx Finally Reveals Cause Of His 20-Day Coma & Near-Death Experience

Image: DMARGE/Independent

Jamie Foxx reveals his near-death experience from a sudden health scare in 2023, detailing his recovery and return to acting.

Last year, we reported on the tragic story of how one of Hollywood’s most-loved actors — Jamie Foxx — faced a tragic health scare while on set for an upcoming project. Family, friends, and fans alike were immensely concerned for the actor’s health which remained in a fragile state for many months thereafter. Now, he has broken his silence to reveal what happened.

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What Went Down

In April 2023, Jamie Foxx’s hospitalisation sent shockwaves through Hollywood and his fans worldwide. While filming Back in Action with Cameron Diaz in Atlanta, Foxx was suddenly struck by a severe medical emergency. Details were scarce, leaving the public and media in a state of speculation. It wasn’t until months later that Foxx began to open up about the harrowing experience that left him fighting for his life.

At a fan event in Phoenix, Foxx recounted how his ordeal began with a seemingly innocuous headache. He asked for some Advil, and then Foxx lost consciousness, waking up nearly three weeks later, with no memory of the events that transpired. “I was gone for 20 days,” Foxx revealed, snapping his fingers to emphasise the suddenness of the blackout. He shared how his sister and daughter played pivotal roles in his initial medical care, taking him to multiple doctors until one identified a serious underlying issue.

Foxx speaking to fans this week. Image: X

Near-Death Experience

Foxx’s journey to recovery was fraught. At the Critics Choice Association’s Celebration of Cinema & Television in December 2023, he made his first public appearance since the incident. Accepting the Vanguard Award, Foxx delivered an emotional 12-minute speech, revealing the extent of his ordeal. “Six months ago, I couldn’t walk,” he admitted, recounting the terrifying moments when he saw a “tunnel” but no light…

“Six months ago, I couldn’t walk”

Jamie Foxx

Foxx’s speech was filled with gratitude and a renewed appreciation for life and his craft. He dismissed conspiracy theories about his absence, joking, “I’m not a clone,” and emphasised the importance of not giving up on one’s art.

A Long-Awaited Return

Despite the severity of his medical emergency, Foxx made a remarkable recovery. By July, he was providing updates on his progress and even hinting at a future comedy special where he would share more details about his health scare. His daughter, Corrine, revealed that Foxx had taken up pickleball, playing it with great enthusiasm as part of his rehabilitation.

Foxx and Diaz star in an upcoming Netflix movie. Image: Entertainment Weekly

Foxx’s determination to return to normalcy extended to his professional life as well. He resumed work on both Beat Shazam and the Netflix film Back in Action. The latter, set to release on November 15, marks Diaz’s return to acting and features Foxx and Diaz as retired CIA spies who are thrust back into the world of espionage.

Foxx’s recovery story is one where immense family support meets an indomitable spirit. As he moves forward, Foxx’s story — and the similarly harrowing journey of Jeremy Renner — serve as powerful reminders that a gilded Hollywood career does not make one exempt from some of life’s most punishing challenges.