January Will Have 2018's Cheapest Flights, So Get Ready To Book

According to Skyscanner data, January fares are over 35% cheaper than the yearly average.

January Travel

If your 2018 resolutions include more travel, now would be a good time to ensure your passport’s still valid and your credit card isn’t maxed. According to the booking experts at Skyscanner, January will be the best month for cash-strapped travellers to snag an airfare bargain.

Skyscanner is one of the best tools around for scoring affordable flights thanks to a suite of budget-conscious features (our favourite: a map that lets you set your location and price range, then search for matching fares anywhere in the world).

January Travel

After crunching the numbers from more than 60 million users, Skyscanner has crowned January the best time to book cheap flights in the first half of the year. US travellers searching for domestic flights can expect to see fares around 16% cheaper than the yearly average. Come March, those tickets could increase up to 13% more expensive than the yearly average.

The situation becomes even more stark when you consider long-haul travel. International flights are potentially up to 36% cheaper than the yearly average in January, while in March, they risk soaring up to 56% over the average.

Note: though the data focused on flights originating in the USA, expect similar numbers wherever you’re based

If you’re still debating about where to spend your vacation days in 2018, Skyscanner has also revealed which destinations are trending. The top five cities topping searches and bookings are old-standbys: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, and Las Vegas. Travellers have also shown interest in Phuket, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, and Edinburgh, as well as Hamburg, Lyon, Bologna, and Casablanca.

And don’t waste time hovering over that “Buy Tickets” button. The best deals are packed into the first two weeks of January, says Skyscanner, so lock down those fares ASAP before prices creep up again in week three.

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