Step Inside Japan's Stunning Hoshinoya Fuji Mountain Resort

Peace and serenity in Japan is a rare commodity given the population’s notoriously high stress levels.

Luckily someone caught onto that notion and created one of most relaxed scenic resorts for guests to unwind in. Regarded by locals as a mystical landmark, Mount Fuji is one of the most frequented and beautiful locations to visit in Japan.

Azuma Architect & Associates have fittingly created a resort called Hoshinoya Fuji to extract the most out of this. True to urban Japanese design, it features a bunker-style design from the outside but it’s behind the facade where it counts. Each room faces the grand Mount Fuji, taking in the breathtaking landscape via floor to ceiling windows which flows out onto a balcony.

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Heading in the opposite direction, guests will find a rather minimalistic and clean living quarter design which ensures that attention isn’t taken away from the real winner outside.

Stepping even further beyond that will bring guests to an amphitheater decking and entertainment space amongst the trees – just as Mother Nature intended for her happy glampers.

When burning marshmallows is no longer an option, guests are welcome to step inside the sleek Hoshinoya Fuji restaurant featuring architecturally sound structures and enough swagger to make any design junkie weep.

Those keen on experiencing the Japanese wild life (or close to it) can hit up Hoshinoya Fuji to secure a spot.