Uncovering The Art Of Japanese Denim In 'Weaving Shibusa'

Japanese Denim

Denim. It’s the very staple thread which has spawned an entire generation of style on its own and today Japan is one of the leading purveyors and producers of this fine product.

Having hailed from the U.S way back in the early 1950s, denim in the land of the rising sun possesses a cult-like status today in which strenuous craftsmanship, passion and patience is heavily invested. It’s not all about the material, vintage machines and techniques though.

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Weaving Shibusa is an upcoming film dedicated to the very figures who are credited for shaping an entire nation’s fascination for denim. These stories hail from the country’s most respected denim experts as well as the “Osaka 5”, a group responsible for leading Japan’s denim revival into what it is today.

True to Japanese work ethic, the film also talks to the innovators of denim who’ve lead the charge in making Japanese denim one of the most sought after quality  garments in the world.

The film by Devin Leisher, Erik Motta and Medhi Ahmadi will premiere this month and pose the question of where premium denim will go in the future with roots which date back an entire generation.