Jared Leto's Outrageous Fashion Continues To Baffle Humanity

The man with no rules continues to break them.

Jared Leto's Outrageous Fashion Continues To Baffle Humanity

Gentlemen, we need to talk about your last minute rush wardrobe.

You know what we’re talking about. There you are chilling on the couch in your sexiest briefs and a bowl of cereal when your agent (pretend you have one) calls you out of the blue and says you have a meeting with Quentin Tarantino in thirty minutes (pretend you do).

Battle stations. You grab whatever you can find laying around your apartment, slap it on in a flurry of excitement and walk straight out that door into the gazing public…looking like Jared Leto.

Now we’re not knocking this beckoning style icon but it’s always fun and perplexing to see what outrageous fashion this man comes up with. Case in point, his latest outing to an appearance on EXTRA.

Does he have your attention yet?

Rocking bright blue floral chinos is already pretty brave for most men but Leto continues to push the boundaries by pairing mother’s table cloth to bright red socks and a pair of Vans any teenager would be proud to show off at their local skate park.

One of the most unique ways to rock the Vans

Even the shirt is an enigma in itself, featuring crazy ‘Magic Eye’ print and collars which flow into tassels for a undone tie look. And let’s not forget about the iconic man bun which is less prolific this time but still there. The bun is paired with oversized sunglasses and a beard that would make Abraham proud. It’s quite literally lumbersexual up top and fuccboi party down low. WTF indeed.

What category of men’s fashion is this exactly? We couldn’t tell you either. But we can say that it’s peak Jared Leto at his best and we love him for it.

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