Jay-Z Has Turned His Biggest Hobby Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business

“Ball so hard, got a broke clock. Rollies that don’t tick tock.”

Jay-Z Has Turned His Biggest Hobby Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Image: Shareif Ziyadat/GI

Rapper and businessman Jay-Z is one of the biggest stars on the planet, known for an illustrious music career that has spanned almost three decades… but the American artist has developed a serious collecting habit through the years and it’s now set to make him some serious cash.

In 2019, Jay-Z earned the incredible distinction of becoming the first hip-hop billionaire. Of course, the American artist’s music career set him up for financial success since his debut album Reasonable Doubt dropped in the ’90s.

But throughout his career, Jay-Z has amassed some serious capital through a diverse portfolio of investments and business ventures, including a champagne brand, a cognac brand, Tidal music streaming, a talent agency and a collection of ultra-rare timepieces like Cartier, Hublot and Richard Mille… and his latest venture is set to make him another tidy sum.

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Jay-Z and Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe. Image: Ivan Simeon

This week, it was announced that 24-time Grammy award-winning artist Jay-Z had invested in Wristcheck, an online retailer dedicated to buying, selling, and learning about luxury watches. Of course, the second-hand retail market is certainly not a foreign concept to avid collectors with many scouring the sites for that Rolex piece that they just can’t wait for, but Wristcheck claims to occupy that small gap in the market.

Writstcheck was first launched by a young collector called Austen Chu, who claimed that he had been burned too many times by counterfeit timepieces purchased on the secondary market. In just four short years, the Hong Kong entrepreneur has transformed the luxury resale market, by offering customers in-house authentication and watchmaking services, in addition to the world’s most accurate watch index powered by real-time transaction data. 

“As an entrepreneur, JAY-Z has always been an inspiration to me. I remember growing up to his music – his lyrics not only introduced me to watch brands like Audemars Piguet but also fueled my love for watches even further, as he bridged the gap between watches and pop culture,” Austen Chu said.

“As the most influential celebrity watch collector of the 21st century and a certified GOAT, his support carries immense weight both personally and professionally. It’s a testament to the trust and community we’ve built, and marks a major milestone in cementing Wristcheck as the go-to platform for watch enthusiasts worldwide.”

Jay-Z’s investment, although undisclosed, will certainly go a long way to ensure that the next generation of watch enthusiasts is catered for. His influence and passion for watch collecting will be instrumental in driving Wristcheck’s growth and appeal among younger collectors, to enhance Wristcheck’s already glowing credibility and attract a broader audience to the platform.