Jeff Bezos’ $723m Superyacht Spotted Under Sail For The First Time

The record-breaking vessel finally his the open seas.

Jeff Bezos’ $723m Superyacht Spotted Under Sail For The First Time

Image: Superyacht Times

Jeff Bezos’ record-breaking superyacht has been the cause of logistical headaches and heavily publicised media rows for some time. Now, however, it’s finally hit the open seas and, for the very first time, has been seen cruising under sail.

Jeff Bezos’ 127-meter superyacht Koru spent a number of months causing more pain than pleasure for the billionaire founder of Amazon. But, after getting stuck in Rotterdam, fleeing under the cover of darkness and finally hitting the open seas, it has been spotted under sail for the very first time this week.

Koru is the world’s second-largest sailing yacht – after the catchily-named Sailing Yacht A, owned by Russian fertiliser magnate Andrey Melnichenko – and the largest vessel ever built by the Netherlands-based shipyard Oceanco. In recent days, Koru’s been seen on her first sailing sea trials in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Koru was launched last year from Alblasserdam in the Netherlands before completing her first round of sea trials in February. However, the recent sighting of the yacht under sail marks the first time the public has seen her in full-blown action on the open seas.

WATCH: She’s a thing of beauty.

Built in parts, the hull of Koru was assembled by Zwijnenburg at Oceanco’s Zwijndrecht shipyard, which the company purchased in 2019. The vessel features a steel hull with three giant stainless steel furlers, each weighing around 900 kilograms.

According to SuperYacht Times, the name Koru derives from the Māori fern-leaf motif, a symbol of creation and new beginnings to the native people of New Zealand. It was sold to Bezos in 2018 and was first unveiled in October 2021, when Koru was rolled out of the shed at Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Although the three-masted schooner is the longest yacht ever to have been launched in the Netherlands, Oceanco is no stranger to large vessels. Last year saw the Dutch shipyard launch the 117-meter superyacht Infinity, as well as the 109-meter superyacht Seven Seas. The shipyard also has a 111-meter motor yacht known as Oceanco Y722 in development, set to be unveiled in 2024.

Regardless of how you may feel about the fact that one man can afford to buy such an expensive piece of kit in the first place, Koru’s sea trials mark an exciting moment for the industry with the vessel showcasing the latest advancements in sailing technology and design.

Bezos’ taste in polo shirts might be questionable, but when it comes to big-ticket items it looks like that hard-earned Amazon cash is in safe hands. Jeff, if you’re reading this, I’m available for on-board reviews.