Jeff Goldblum & Wife Do The Unthinkable During Paris Fashion Week… And Get Away With It

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Jeff Goldblum & Wife Do The Unthinkable During Paris Fashion Week… And Get Away With It

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Renowned for his typically out-there style, American actor Jeff Goldblum has garnered a reputation for effortlessly blending vintage and contemporary elements with confidence, and his latest appearance at Paris Fashion Week proves his wrist game might be even better than his wardrobe.

After revealing an inspired fit at this year’s Met Gala, we all knew Jeff Goldblum was the most fashionable pensioner alive. The 71-year-old, known for his enduring roles in the celebrated Jurassic Park franchise, has become something of a style icon in his later life, showing up at fashion events across the world with his eclectic, yet sophisticated style, often sporting tailored suits, patterned shirts and turtlenecks.

Naturally, Goldblum’s signature zany style wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential dress watch to match.

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Style icon Jeff Goldblum was joined by his wife at the Loewe Menswear SS25 show in Paris. Image: Getty

Arriving at the Loewe Menswear SS25 fashion show in Paris, the American actor was joined by his wife Emilie Livingston and tasked with reciting his favourite karaoke song. Goldblum, naturally, obliged with a routine charm and charisma. But as the pair gave heartfelt renditions of their favourite ballads, their matching Cartier Tanks were on full view.

Arguably one of the most iconic watches in the esteemed world of haute horlogerie, the Cartier Tank is emblematic of the French Maison’s timeless elegance.

WATCH Jeff Goldblum wears matching Cartier Tanks with his wife below.

The Tank was first introduced by Louis Cartier in 1917, taking its inspiration from the military tanks used during the First World War. Since then, the Tank’s distinctive rectangular case, blue sapphire cabochon crown and timeless Roman numeral hour markers have made this the ultimate statement piece, coveted by watch enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike.

Jeff Goldblum paired his Tank with a distressed blue and white workwear jacket from Loewe and Loewe’s classic black shades. His ensemble continues to redefine style for the modern gentleman, proving that true fashion knows no age limits.