Jeff Goldblum Is Wearing The Coolest Shirt You'll Never Be Able Pull Off

Mickey won't know what hit him.

Jeff Goldblum Is Wearing The Coolest Shirt You'll Never Be Able Pull Off

Do not try this at home. Why? Because you’re not Jeff Goldblum. He’s proven it time and time again but we’re pretty sure the 66-year-old American actor has reached God status when it comes to contemporary men’s style.

Not one to follow suit with the latest trends, Goldblum was spotted overnight at the Disney+ red carpet event in California rocking one of the most comical shirts you’ll ever witness.

We mean that quite literally too because it’s a shirt you can actually sit there and read.

Showcasing his usual flair for 1950s jazz era aesthetics, Goldblum paired his signature piano loafers and black trousers with one hell of a graphic print dress shirt complete with a monochrome comic strip tie and contrasting polka dot sleeves and collar. There’s so much going on here that’s it’s hard to explain the exact style, but it’s best to accept that he’s Goldblum and he can pull it off.

Helping to break up the black and white is a diagonally cut white stripe across the chest which carries comical motifs allover. Think animated explosions, bursts of word bubbles like ‘POW’ and ‘WTF’. On any other man it’ll be a an absolute clusterf*ck of a shirt. On Jeff Goldblum it’s a masterstroke in personal expression.

As usual Goldblum paired his look with his reliable Tank de Cartier timepiece which exudes all kinds of vintage cool. The black leather strap also makes for a great complement to the shirt’s details.

Depending on the size, the Cartier Tank Solo can be acquired for between AU$3,750 and AU$5,100. The watch features the luxury brand’s signature square steel case, beaded crown and Roman numeral adorned dial.

Jeff Goldblum? More like Jeff Godblum. Pow.

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