Jeff Goldblum Teaches You How To Command Attention With Your Wardrobe

Daddy Cool is back with a vengeance.

Well he’s at it again. The 65-year-old menswear icon known as Jeff Goldblum has been out and about at the Venice Film Festival this week and he’s commanded the right kind of attention from hoards of paparazzi and international audiences alike.

The star of the Goldblum show? His wardrobe which covers four different looks – all vying for the spotlight. There’s nothing that hasn’t been said about Goldblum’s distinct looks. The man can effortlessly go from mod-rocker to suave poker player to all-out cocktail in a matter of days.

Doesn’t sound like too hard a task? Well remember Goldblum doesn’t exactly have a style bible he goes to. The quirkiness of some of his own looks is his own doing and that’s where the charm and individuality comes from.

Hit the gallery to see Goldblum go from a mustard suit with 70s vibes to bold pattern shirting to an all-white white tuxedo paired Cuban heeled boots to add height – not that he was short to begin with, but if you want the glory…

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