‘Wild’ Joe Rogan Workout Has Some Fans Worried For His Health

Joe Rogan's latest recovery workout looks tougher than an actual workout...

Image Credit: @joerogan

Joe Rogan is no stranger to trying wild fitness hacks. Whether it’s popping some nootropic pills every morning, dining on some liver or actually working out, he’s not afraid to try anything, it seems. He’s also a champion of proper recovery, such as taking ice baths or spending some time in a sauna. Speaking of which: his latest steamy antics have Instagram getting scorching hot.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, the podcaster, comedian and UFC commentator shared his sauna thoughts once again. This time he really turned things up to 11.

How so?

As Joe explains, “One of the wildest feelings you can experience is when you do 20 minutes in a hot sauna and then 2 [minutes] in a cold plunge, and then back to the sauna.”

The dramatic change in temperature is no doubt tough on the body, and as Joe adds, it can make for a pretty intoxicating experience.

“When I’m heating back up in the sauna again, and I have my eyes closed, it’s like I’m on a wild roller coaster. I feel like I’m flying. Like my consciousness is barely contained in my head,” he explains.

“It’s fucking weird, because when I open my eyes everything goes right back to normal, but when my eyes are closed I can barely stand it.”

“It’s so overwhelming. I almost feel scared to relax and give into it, but it feels amazing at the same time.”

He then goes on to admit that his recovery tactics are likely a form of torture: “There’s also the very real though while it’s happening where I’m like, ‘you know, there’s a strong possibility that this is bad for you’. It really feels amazing though. I look forward to it everytime.”

His post has, as expected, received plenty of comments, from supportive ones, such as actor Josh Brolin saying, “There are very few things I love more on a health level than this. Been doing it for 15 years. Best high out there,” to others than suggest some concern.

“Scared tf out of me dude”, “This man will die in a sauna”, and, “That’s your blood pressure and it’s definitely dangerous,” were all remarks made by various concerned commenters/followers.

That last comment received replies itself, with other cautious users adding, “Yeah thermal shock is no joke. But I guess if it’s a controlled environment it should be fine.” Although, another user comes to Joe’s defence, claiming: “It’s a shock to your nervous system, yes. But it isn’t nerve damage. It’s good for the circulatory system and can improve your mental health.”

How Stuff Works states: “The hot to cold spa treatment is growing in popularity among sauna lovers and celebrities across North America.”

The website cites Dr Mark Timmerman, a sports medicine specialist from Wisconsin claiming there are indeed benefits to the routine. “As your skin temperature increases, sauna-goers experience a ‘fight or flight’ response, resulting in a heightened sense of alertness, reduced pain perception and an elevated mood.”

“When you follow up a sauna with a plunge in cold water or snow, your adrenaline raises as well.” The medicine specialist is also quoted as saying a plunge in a cold pool can “improve pain and inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis,” and that it can boost circulation and release toxins.

Naturally, there are some risks involved, and these are said to focus mainly around the “cold receptors in the face and scalp”, which “respond to the quick drop in temperature,” How Stuff Works adds. “This stimulates a ‘diving reflex’, a complex cardiorespiratory reaction. It can cause shortness of breath, decreased cardiac output and rapid decrease in pulse.”

Make of that what you will, and always consult a professional before trying anything unusual like this for yourself.

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