Joe Rogan Stretching 'PSA' A Harsh Wake Up Call For Most Men

"Loosen up, f*ckers."

Pain is weakness leaving the body. Wimps don’t win. Discomfort is your friend. Explosive diarrhea is an acceptable price to pay for boosting your energy levels. Though some see Joe Rogan as the Gwyneth Paltrow of Men, others latch onto his every word.

What’s not up for debate is that the iconic 53-year-old podcast host, comedian, and mixed martial arts commentator is influential.

It’s not just his listeners’ brains Rogan attempts to stretch, either. It’s also their bodies. Rogan has for years promoted a tough-love approach to fitness, imploring his fans to smash out more workouts, being a huge proponent of all the physical, mental and emotional benefits associated with pumping iron.

But when you work out like a demon, you tend to get tight. On that note: Rogan today has dropped a short piece of advice to his followers on Instagram: “loosen up, f*ckers.” A much needed public service announcement if there ever was one (rare is the modern knowledge worker who isn’t too tight around the hips and groin).

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Doing a stretch a ballerina might be proud of, Rogan puts his money where his groin is, sitting legs splayed, torso down, head up, phone in hand to capture the moment, in what appears to be his home gym.

Actor/Athlete/Artist Emilien de Falco commented, “Bloodsport” on the post. Trainer Ben Bruno wrote, “Damn, that’s impressive. I’d tear my groin doing that.”

“Whoever you’re FaceTiming is scared as fuck!” another witty user wrote.

“Leading by example,” mixed martial artist Alain Ngalani commented.

If this has inspired you, this is how flexible you can get in just two weeks, according to an expert. We’ll stretch to that.

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