Joe Rogan Shares Workout Advice To Make You Feel F**king Awesome

Suck it up.

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We’ve all been there. We know we have to hit the gym at some point in our day, especially if we’ve had a very relaxed weekend on the beers or junk food, but actually getting out of your house and onto the weights can sometimes feel like too tough a task.

We’ve previously looked at the various ways the true gym junkies of this world overcome such a mental barrier, such as The Rock suggesting you use curse words against yourself, or those who have undergone surgery telling themselves to not let any problem get in their way of making some serious gains.

And of course, we have comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan telling us we have to silence our inner lazy voice in order to get the job done. But, just in case you haven’t yet taken any of that advice on board and are still struggling to get back into a regular workout routine (especially in a post-lockdown era) Joe has once again provided some words of workout wisdom.

Taking to Instagram following some “hard rounds on the [punching] bag”, Joe claims:

“The amount of suck you have to push through in your workout is directly related to the feeling of satisfaction you experience when you complete it.”

He adds, “Today was hard rounds on the bag, and it was brutal. But it’s over, and now I feel f*****g awesome.”

The takeaway? You get out what you put in, and once you do manage to drag yourself to the gym and complete a workout, you will probably feel better, thanks to a release of dopamine.

The Dana Foundation explains this perfectly: “When you exercise, your body releases chemicals such as dopamine and endorphins, which make you feel happy. Not only is your brain dumping out feel-good chemicals, but exercise also helps your brain get rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed and anxious.”

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If you don’t go to the gym or workout at home, or only perform a few measly bicep curls twice a week, you can’t expect to make any real gains. And, even if you do go to the gym on a regular basis, or run several times a week, you can’t expect those gains to happen overnight. It’s all about consistency.

Unsurprisingly, Joe’s post has received plenty of support, with comments including “#BangOn”, “Agreed”, “Yes mate – stay sharp” and “Beast mode.”

Time to head out and conquer your workouts.

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