John Legend's Outfit Is The Future Of Air Travel

The future is silky smooth...and ridiculously comfy.

There’s a fine line between pimping out hard and setting the standard for air travel in 2017. John Legend is a man who has managed to straddle this fine line between both, coming out the other end unscathed and in this case, like a well rested cool cat (we’d assume).

We’re talking about the return of the iconic tracksuit, people. All forms of them from the classic nylon of the 90s through to the more audacious satin construct of today, as seen on our main man, Sir Legend in airport transit. There’s no doubt that this is a trend resurgence as the fashion world continues to embrace athleisure wear.

But before you go pulling out your 90s Kappa tracksuit complete with snap on pants, be warned that today’s tracksuit game has changed slightly. Brands like Gucci, Thom Browne and even Adidas have given the look a luxe makeover by pairing exquisite patters, prints and fit to push the look into the upper echelons of laid back cool.

Daggy used to be a dirty word, but as John Legend has proven to us this week, it’s now elevated itself to dapper and worthy of future air travel attire. See exactly what we mean in the gallery.