Inside Johnny Depp’s Eclectic L.A. Penthouse

Johnny Depp

US$12.78 million – that’s the kind of coin you’ll need to part with to call Johnny Depp’s expansive Los Angeles penthouse your own.

The top floor premium space takes the up five condos and sits within the iconic Eastern Columbia Building. The interior meanwhile is fitted to Jack Sparrow’s eclectic tastes featuring a clash of vintage furnishings and a subtle approach to luxury.

Think contrasting coloured feature walls in every room, endless examples of hanging wall art and some of the quirkiest light features man could get their hands on.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Depp snapped up the five condos between 2007 and 2008 for a cool US$7.2 million. More importantly though he opted to retain the original architecture’s integrity by adding door ways between the condos instead of knocking down each wall.

This approach retains the heritage feel of the penthouse whilst still providing ample and seamless access between the 1068 metre-square space.

Watch the real estate video below to see how a modern day Willy Wonka lives.