WTF Jon Hamm Couldn't Look Any Less Like Don Draper

From a bonafide mad man to daggy dad style.

We get it. Dads are often hard pressed for time and playing dress-ups is at the bottom of their priority list.

There’s only one issue here though: Jon Hamm isn’t a dad and he’s seemingly found the forbidden formula to dressing like Peter Griffin on a sabbatical.

It’s important to remind the people that this is the Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame, the very man who brought retro suits of the 60s back to the forefront of modern men’s fashion.

And fair enough, some may argue that Hamm was just on his way to Jimmy Kimmel before he’d be personally decked out by a dedicated wardrobe crew.

Still, the fact that Hamm graced the general public’s eyes with slouchy trousers that perfectly accentuated his phone, a t-shirt assumingly from the Spy Kids 3D merchandise bin and a parker from granddad would earn him little points in the way of his previous crowning moments.

We all have our off day we suppose. Let’s just hope this is Jon Hamm’s one and only.

Flick through the gallery to witness the rise and fall of Jon Hamm’s wardrobe.