Jon Hamm Not Immune To Rookie Style Mistake That Every Guy Makes

Rookie error.

Jon Hamm Not Immune To Rookie Style Mistake That Every Guy Makes

Jon Hamm has hit the red carpet to his latest movie premiere ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ which is a feature-length version of the Zach Galifianakis web series of the same name. Hamm is one of the many celebrities to appear in the Netflix film which also features Keanu Reeves, Matthew McConaughey and Peter Dinklage.

While the movie seems to be a hit with the critics Hamm’s suit has not done the same with us, the off-the-peg suit is ill-fitting on the 6’1″ actor and appears too long in his arms while too short on his body. Most men worry about just the jacket fitting their form but the pants are just as important as Hamm proves in this outfit. Clearly Hamm was ill-prepared for the event and just had to make do with whatever was available at the time.

The actor who as TVs Don Draper was always seen sporting tailor-made suits that could not be faulted. He did get one thing right with a cream suit paired with a blue & white shirt. Cream suits are few and far between but more men should feel comfortable pulling one-off if you’ve got the right skin tone anyway.

Standing out amongst it all though was the bottom of his pants, which weren’t hemmed. It is a classic style mistake made by not only regular men but celebrities as well and a mistake for which there is no excuse. Trousers should break just over the shoe and is the best way to determine a man’s ability to dress well.

Hopefully next time Hamm gets some more time to bring his best suit to the carpet.