Josh Brolin’s Workout Will Blow Your Mind

Cool dad says suck it up.

Josh Brolin

We get it. You’ve poured blood, sweat and tears in the gym for the past five days and now it’s time for that well deserved off day.

You’re thinking a sneaky glazed donut, perhaps some cheesy pasta and a light jog with the canine companion before polishing off the night with a few bevys with the boys.

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And then you flick open Instagram to see what Deadpool actor Josh Brolin’s off day consists of. The 49-year-old’s insane off day fitness regime is enough to put any regular gym-goer’s on day workout to shame.

“My goal is to stay clean. It’s way harder, and knowing it’s one shot away is always tempting but for what? It’s more fun for me knowing I’m doing it this way.”

In his latest Instagram post (above), Brolin also outlined his diet and supplements whilst firing back at sceptics who’ve suggested that he’s taking steroids to get in top form for his role as Cable, a heavily buffed soldier from the future.

His only vice on this fitness journey he’s admitted to? Nicotine tablets.

“@sutree23 You are a cynic,” Brolin replied to one user in regards to steroid accusations. “I have a problem being honest. I don’t give a fuck. If I was doing shit, I’d say so. There’s no professional consequence. Clean all the way through man (except for my lil nicotine tablets).”

That said, if you want to look this good at almost 50 then here’s the discipline you’ll need direct from the man himself.

Off Day Workout

  • Warm up 10 mins on treadmill 15 incline at 3mph
  • 45 mins boxing
  • 1.25 hrs lifting (warm up essential then heavy for 8 to 12 then two drop sets much lighter and slow) – 4 sets of those
  • 30min cardio (either elliptical back and forth from 15 to 21 in minute and 2 minute intervals)
  • Abs: 3×10 hanging leg raises all the way to the top and squeeze; 5xone minute planks mixed with 3x 20 (10 each side) slow bicycles with a one second squeeze at the top of each one)
  • Stretch


  • 3 hard meals of chicken or salmon (for vegans can sub with mushrooms or quinoa) and a cup of veggies and 48 almonds a day (120g to 220g of either yams or black rice after workout or at night) and three protein shakes of @gardenoflife raw with greens. One cheat meal or even day (depending on your goal or sustainability) a week


  • @gardenoflife probiotic; and various @hbmaxmuscle natural supplements for fat burning and recovery: BCAAs and Glutamine (I’ll write them down when I get home)

As For The Steroid Curiositors:

“I have nothing against people who use them. My goal is to stay clean. It’s way harder, and knowing it’s one shot away is always tempting but for what? It’s more fun for me knowing I’m doing it this way.

For those that think it’s impossible: fuck off. For those that realize that your body type and work put in will dictate your best results: that’s all that matters. We all look differently, thank God. One person might have to put twice the work as someone else. Suck it up, it’s worth it.

But remember to have fun. If you drink, don’t forget to get drunk and get a cab home. If you love sweets, have a donut then get back on board without looking back.

The problem is when we go off the rails, we tend to give up. Don’t listen to that voice. Forge ahead. As much of an asshole as Deadpool is, he inspires us to want to kick his ass as we laugh at his jokes. Be like Cable: train to thump on Deadpool.”