Justin Bieber Confirms Our Greatest Menswear Fear Of 2020

It's official: cargo pants are coming back...

Justin Bieber Confirms Our Greatest Menswear Fear Of 2020

If we had to choose one word to sum up Justin Bieber‘s style in 2020, we’d choose ‘comfort’.

The 26-year-old superstar has long since abandoned the skinny jeans and pudding bowl haircuts of his youth. These days, he’s all about baggy workwear, huge hoodies, and rubber clogs like Yeezy Foam RNNRs or Crocs – ‘the footwear contraceptive for men‘. He even has his own clothing label, Drew House, which features similarly low-fuss, comfort-forward fashion.

He’s also a big fan of 90s fashion. He’s not afraid to experiment with bold colours, bohemian prints and oversized sunglasses.

His latest outfit might be his most cozy and 90s-inspired yet. ‘The Biebs’ shared a photo of himself rehearsing with his backup band over the weekend, showing off a very comfy ensemble: an oversized blue sweatshirt, very skater-esque beanie (or ‘toque’ for all you Canadians out there), and two-tone cargo pants.

It’s a very Bieber outfit. He wouldn’t look out of place on the set of The Fresh Prince of BelAir or skating at Venice Beach with Tony Hawk.

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90s fashion remains so popular precisely because it’s so comfortable and effortless. Unpretentious, slightly ironic, and reminiscent of happier times… 90s fashion is just what we need, especially in 2020. But not every element of 90s fashion has been re-adopted by the mainstream.

Cargo pants have long been derided as one of the riskiest fashion choices a man can make – if you’re not lucky, you can come off looking like some doomsday prepper or basement-dwelling no-hoper (two very different aesthetics, neither of which are great). They’re an element of 90s fashion that hasn’t been as readily revived as, say, ugly dad shoes.

But cargo pants are slowly becoming more popular, in no small part to celebrity style icons like Bieber and Travis Scott, who is rarely seen not wearing cargo pants.

Speaking of wild pants, check out these ‘Australian-inspired’ duds Bieber wore earlier this month.

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