Justin Bieber’s Hillsong Streetwear Will Have You Praising The Lord

Forgive me father for I am lit.

Christian streetwear. Now those are two sacred words that we’d never thought we’d ever utter in the same sentence, and yet here we are thanks to Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber champions the new wave of religious streetwear as he goes from church to nightclub

It’s 2018 and that means Jesus has officially entered the hype building and infiltrated the domain of streetwear – that’s according to Justin Bieber’s latest look inspired by the Big J himself.

The 24-year-old singer was spotted overnight in an ironic set of wardrobe circumstances. He was snapped leaving the Hillsong Church in Miami, one of the world’s most progressive Christian fellowships renowned for its young and trendy celebrity followers. What’s ironic was that Bieber was leaving the church with Hailey Baldwin in tow to a nightclub. If that’s not a call for divine intervention we don’t know what is.

The irony doesn’t end there though. Bieber paired his black Hillsong hoodie featuring a cross on the chest and a Christian message on the hood rim with a pair of tartan track pants by, wait for it…streetwear label Fear of God. What a holy juxtaposition.

And goddamn it you know what? We quite dig it. It’s a casual yet cool take on today’s modern streetwear further refined by the bright tapered pants which open up at the bottom to show off the Vans kicks. More importantly it seamlessly blends the words of a higher being without making the whole thing look tacky.

Is bible basher fashion the latest streetwear trend? You’ll have to go to church to find out. And don’t forget your Fear of God pants which you can now score from SSENSE now.

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