Justin Bieber’s Weekend Style Is Husband Material

Is it too late to say sorry?

One week is all it takes to convince the world that your personal style has taken a turn for the worst.

During his first public sighting of 2019 as a married man, Justin Bieber was snapped on three consecutive days rocking a questionable range of attire. It was an eclectic and odd mix of street wear, lounge wear and skater wear – all of which combined to make him look like a bag of Skittles in a non-good way.

He’s wild alright. Check out the colour clashes and those LV slippers.

Let us first visit exhibit A. In this dishevelled look Bieber opted for a bright blue hoodie worn over an oversized canary yellow tee. This was further reinforced with baggy black cargo pants presumably from 2001 and, wait for it…Louis Vuitton fur slippers. We’re not sure what look the Biebs was going for here but it sucked big time. Even a black beanie for a bit of street cred couldn’t save him.

A full blown snow jacket is functional. A pair of sweatpants with said snow jacket is not.

Exhibit B: Sure it may be brisk in New York City but pairing a bright red snow jacket with blue sweat pants is a big no-no in our books. The beanie-jacket combo is fine but once you slap it all together then a few eyebrows will be raised.

The final straw. Bringing back Sk8r boy with matching checkered flags when no one asked for it.

Exhibit C: Sk8r boy died with Avril Lavigne’s debut album but it appears no one told Justin Bieber. In the same week the pop singer was spotted skateboarding in bright yellow parachute pants, a black hoodie and yellow tee. Functional, yes. Stylish, that’s a no from us. We’re not sure what’s going on here but it’s definitely not the modern skater boy who usually opts for slim fit denim and relaxed collared shirts.

Hit the gallery to see what we mean.

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