Justin Bieber Hides His Tattoos With This Trick

Incognito mode.

Remember when Justin Bieber was just a young Canadian teeny-bopper with a ‘toilet swirl’ haircut and bad fashion sense?

These days, Bieber looks more ‘badass’ than ‘Baby‘. Not only has his fashion sense and musical range improved somewhat (although he doesn’t always get it right), the 26-year-old singer/songwriter is absolutely covered in tattoos; a clear rejection of the squeaky-clean image he used to be known for. Indeed, Bieber’s ink has since become one of his defining traits; his entire chest and both arms boasting over 60 individual pieces of art.

Which is why it’s so unusual that he decided to cover them up for his latest music video – and even more impressive that he was able to cover them all up so seamlessly.

‘The Biebs’ shared a video to his Instagram over the weekend of how he pulled off such a transformation: with the help of two skilled makeup artists, Bieber’s impressive array of ink is literally airbrushed away with flesh-coloured foundation, with the artists even blending his arms and torso.

While most of us don’t have the time, luxury or – frankly – the need to sit down for a few hours and get our entire body airbrushed, this makeup-based technique could be a lifesaver for anyone with ink looking to go incognito.

While Western society has, in recent years, become far more accepting of visible tattoos, tattoos are often considered an impediment to gainful employment. On top of that, they can also be a sore point in social or family environments. Let’s face it: there were undoubtedly many awkward dinner table moments this Christmas around someone’s ink.

But imagine if you could airbrush out your visible tattoos for a job interview or a family get-together. It could save you a world of pain – no more turtlenecks, no more prying questions from grandma…

That said, the conventional wisdom that having tattoos will affect your job prospects might not hold so true any more. Indeed, research from the University of Miami suggests that not only do tattoos significantly affect your employability or average wages but in fact, tattooed men are slightly more likely to have jobs than other men on average, Harvard Business Review reported in 2018.

Justin Bieber delighted fans when he dropped his first single of 2021 on January 1st, titled ‘Anyone’. The music video, which released alongside the single, is a cinematic, retro Rocky homage that sees Bieber play himself as an aspiring boxer. Check it out on YouTube here.

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