Kanye West’s $2 Million ‘Yeezy’ Cybertruck; Gets Savaged By Fans Online

"This dude is driving a DVD player..."

Kanye West’s $2 Million ‘Yeezy’ Cybertruck; Gets Savaged By Fans Online

Image: DMARGE/Pitchfork

Kanye West has finally unveiled the design of his highly limited edition Cybertruck. Suffice to say, fans aren’t impressed.

Kanye West has made some questionable decisions over the past few years, skin-tight leggings, Bond-villain-inspired dentures and rampant antisemitic remarks are but a few from a long lineup. However, one thing you can pretty much always admire about the controversial rapper — other than his era-defining tunes — is his eye for good design, as seen in the runaway success of his Yeezy fashion line.

However, a video surfaced online this week that supposedly reveals the design of West’s very limited edition Yeezy Cybertruck. Adding an all-black, futuristic twist to an already pretty out-there and controversial design, the vehicle has only been reproduced three times in total, with West rumoured to be keeping one of the select few for his own personal use.

WATCH: The Strange Vehicle In Motion

Reportedly retailing for $1.2 million USD (c. $1.8 million AUD), the car is all straight lines that come together in a strange, pyramid-esque point at the very top. With absolutely no visible external features — other than a Knight Rider-esque brake light on the rear, the design was quickly and relentlessly savaged by fans who made a swathe of unflattering comparisons.

Image: Instagram

“Pull up in that computer mouse”, joked one. “This dude is driving a DVD player”, said another. “I got that router in 2007”, said a third, following the 200s-tech theme of the roast. Perhaps the most damning, however, when you consider West’s avid, late-in-life return to Christianity was this comment: “This is why god doesn’t talk to us anymore”.

Image: Instagram

Others were a little more friendly or, at least, a little less critical. One commenter followed the popular meme about the Grand Theft Auto series: “We got a f*ckin Yeezy tesla before GTA 6”, while another suggested that the design “would be fire for the PS6”. Another made a more astute and practically-minded observation: “Imagine the cop saying please put down your window…”.

The final comment makes a very good point; we wonder whether this design is actually road-legal and how well its aesthetic edge will hold up with license plates tacked on to the front and/or rear…

UPDATE (23/05/24): After going viral online, the video has started something of a debate amongst viewers. Some are committed to the idea that this could be a Yeezy-fied Cybertruck, but bonafide auto-fans have pointed out that the vehicle is identical to a Lambroghni ‘Lo Res’ concept car first shared with the world over 5 years ago. Believe what you want to believe, but it seems that this writer may have been taken for a ride…

Kanye West’s Other Design & Style Controversies

As mentioned above, West has been honing leftfield looks on himself for some time before exporting them to this odd-looking new drive.

Shocking dedicated fans and fierce critics alike West, 46, removed all his teeth and replaced them with bespoke titanium dentures earlier this year, leaving him with a distinctive, pointy new smile which many immediately and understandably compared to James Bond villain, Jaws, from The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.

This new accessory was fitted by Dr. Thomas Connelly in Beverly Hills with help from Master Dental Technician Naoki Hayashi. The procedure is expected to have cost the rapper a staggering US$850,000 (c. A$1.3 million).

Image: Romer Macapuno

The rapper, who has recently (and rightly) found himself ostracised by much of the mainstream media after a slew of anti-Semitic remarks, made a switch to barely-there leggings last year saw even his most committed fans raising their eyebrows.

However, it was actually West’s choice of footwear that really caught our eye: accentuating the black leggings was a set of knee-high, futuristic padding that looked like something you’d expect to see in an MMA gym rather than on the streets of West Hollywood.