Keanu Reeves Gets Sent To Detention For His ‘Schoolboy’ Style Error

Hey, teacher! Leave those kids alone!

Keanu Reeves Gets Sent To Detention For His ‘Schoolboy’ Style Error

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Keanu Reeves is many things – a great actor, a committed philanthropist, one of the nicest guys in Hollywood – but a fashion obsessive he is not.

The lowkey 57-year-old action movie star rarely dresses badly, but style isn’t one of his top priorities. He’s a simple soul who likes motorbikes and watches, that’s all. But his latest outfit might just be a bit too much of a misstep.

On the red carpet for the US premiere of The Matrix Resurrections in San Francisco earlier this week, Reeves was conspicuously more casual than the rest of his co-stars, opting for a simple black suit with a loosely-tied striped tie.

There’s nothing wrong with the suit, but the tie’s pattern – as well as the fact it’s not sinched up all the way and combined with Reeves’ casual demeanour and – makes him look rather like a schoolboy. No extra credit for you, Keanu.

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Diagonally striped ties – also known as regimental or rep ties – are a common element of school uniforms across the Commonwealth, especially here in Australia, where they’re closely associated with private or selective schools.

“Its origins stem from the UK’s regimental stripe ties of the turn of the twentieth century. The stripes were angled from left to right, or from ‘heart to sword’, in a nod to their fighting roots. As social clubs and boarding schools adopted the trend, the look was increasingly fashionable among civilians,” Brooks Brothers explains.

When choosing a rep tie, choose one that doesn’t look so obviously school uniform-y: avoid ties made with very shiny silk fabric or those with thick stripes. School ties also tend to have fairly restrained colour palettes (and usually use primary colours) so perhaps try something with subtler shades and more textural touches. Pair with a well-tailored suit to avoid looking like a teenager.

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The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth Matrix film and the first since 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions, has Keanu reprise his career-defining role as Neo for another action-packed sci-fi romp. It’s set to hit movie screens across the globe on December 22nd, and will also be available on the ad-free tier of HBO Max in the United States for a month beginning on the 22nd, too.

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