Why 2020 Became The Year Australians Started Buying Luxury Watches Online

A paradigm shift.

A luxury service that is unsurpassed.

This feature was produced in partnership with Kennedy Watches & Jewellery.

Australians have always been quick to adopt new technologies, particularly when it comes to shopping. While contactless payments have become part of day to day life in the Land Down Under, it’s still an alien way to pay for many Americans, for example.

But one innovation that Aussies have been somewhat more sluggish in adopting has been online shopping – more precisely, luxury online shopping. We’re comfortable with the idea of buying sneakers or groceries online, but jewellery or watches? That’s another story.

But that’s about to change, in part thanks to Australia’s leading luxury watch retailer, Kennedy.

Kennedy’s new e-commerce platform, launched earlier this year, has been the shot in the arm Australian luxury shoppers need. Not only is the website itself easy to use and a feast for the eyes, but it’s underpinned by unparalleled real-world customer service, elevating the often impersonal online shopping experience beyond simply adding a product to basket and hoping it actually arrives in the mail.

Buying a fine watch is a special experience; one that Kennedy has gone to great lengths to ensure remains special even when shopping with them online. Their highly-trained boutique staff treat your watch with the respect it deserves, making sure it’s spotless and beautifully packaged before it’s sent on its way. Personal secured delivery is just part of the service. Kennedy offers complimentary shipping and returns on all orders, but you can also choose to pick up your new watch in store – whatever works for you.

But the real reason Kennedy’s new platform is so good is that it serves as a wake-up call for both Australians and other luxury retailers. For the competition, it’s a clarion call to step up their game. For consumers, it’s the sign that online shopping is finally getting the treatment it deserves: no longer is the digital experience playing second fiddle to the brick and mortar experience. Buying watches online is no longer a dicey prospect – and it’s only going to get better.

“Given our representation in bricks and mortar, expanding our online and digital presence through the introduction of an interactive e-commerce platform felt like a natural progression to diversify our service offering,” Kennedy Vice President of Operations, Sharon Gomez relates.

Boutiques are nice, but getting silver service from the comfort of your own home? That’s something to set your watch to.

Discover the new Kennedy website and luxury e-commerce experience here.