Kevin Hart Workout Shows Quickly You Can Get In Shape

Back to (a strong) back.

Kevin Hart Workout Shows Quickly You Can Get In Shape

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When you’re looking for some fitness inspiration, or an account to follow to get your daily workouts, you’re likely going to have a list of accounts or websites that you trust. But just in case you need one more, we’d like to pitch to you funnyman, Kevin Hart.

The American comedian and actor may be better known for his quick jokes, but he’s always been an advocate for fitness and keeping his body in peak physical condition. He had to take a break from working out in September 2019 after he was involved in a car accident that caused severe back injuries that required surgery and several weeks of rehabilitation.

Less than a year later he’s overcome that hurdle and has thrown himself back into the gym, and his latest workout – posted to his Instagram page – could be just the thing you need to help regain your fitness post-iso. Filming in his personal home gym – which as home gyms go is incredibly tricked out, but then he is worth US$200 million – Kevin takes us through a workout that will put pressure on your entire body.

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He starts with sit-throughs – a move we’ve previously seen Aussie poster boy Chris Hemsworth recommend – for this move, start in a push-up position, bring one foot forward so it’s near your hand and step through the gap created with your trailing leg. Repeat on both sides. Kevin doesn’t say how many reps he performs, but 10 on each side should do the trick.

Next, it’s dumbbell butterfly curls, a major destroyer of the chest – and a move he’s performed previously to work his back and shoulders in the image above. For this exercise, you will need an incline bench at a roughly 45-55 degree angle. Hold the dumbbells out to your side with a slight bend in your elbow and move upwards, contracting your chest. Kevin puts a slight spin on this move by twisting the dumbbells, switching from a neutral grip to an underhand grip.

Butterfly curls done, it’s on to chin-ups, a great workout for your arms, back and basically entire upper body. Kevin employs a close-hand grip for his chin-ups – if you need extra help, check out Conor McGregor’s amazingly helpful guide – 10-12 chin-ups would be ideal.

Kevin’s next move proves he’s most definitely recovered from his back injuries and has retained some incredible core strength. Using a wide-hand grip and with his legs spread, Kevin manages to scoop his body up and round so his feet practically touch the chin-up bar. If that doesn’t display core strength, we don’t know what does.

Follow those ab crunchers with some tricep dips, with a bit more ab work through in with some knee raises, and finish off with some seated dumbbell bicep curls.

Again, Kevin doesn’t reveal reps or sets, but three sets of the entire circuit should have you sweating and aching, in a good way.

We challenge you to try it. Good luck!

Watch how to get ripped like Kevin Hart below

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