Jetsetters Predict The Top Travel Trends Of 2017

travel trends

This solo traveller isn't lonely - he's right on trend

travel trends
This solo traveller isn’t lonely – he’s right on trend

2017 will be here before you know it, and with it a whole new wave of travel trends crowding your social media feeds. Some may be forgotten before the year is out; others may grow into forces that shape the direction of the industry. surveyed more than 300 travellers to get their top predictions for the trends that will dominate the coming year. In 2017, mark your travel calendar for…

More Solo Travel

The rise of solo travel is set to continue. Fifty-one percent of the survey’s participants said they plan to be their own travel companion on their next holiday. Germany led the way with 80% of German respondents indicating they’re up for going it alone, followed by 69% of UK respondents and 67% of Canadians. If you plan on capitalising on the stag travel trend in 2017, check out our guide to the best destinations for men travelling solo.

Fewer Travel Agents

The solo travel craze is present in another form, long before adventurers leave home. The use of travel agents has been steadily declining over the years, with just 6.25% of respondents saying they will use one in 2017. Once upon a time, booking through a travel agent was essential if you wanted the best deals and minimum hassle. Today, expert travel hackers have figured out how to game the system themselves. You can build your own travel hacking skills with our guides: Level One and Level Two.

Deeper Immersion

Travellers are increasingly interested in having immersive, enriching experiences. More than half of the people surveyed indicated interest in exploring local life and developing a deeper understanding of the culture. In contrast, just 4% said they’ll travel to find good parties and nightlife. and only 10% said they plan to travel to see family and friends. What would you like to immerse yourself in next year? If the answer is Mother Nature, try one of the world’s wildest camping spots.

Even More Instagram

Those #wanderlust photos aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Almost 80% of respondents said they will use social media while on vacation, with 25% checking in daily. Unsurprisingly, the same enthusiasm didn’t apply to work – 75% said they hope to completely unplug from their jobs while travelling. For a regular dose of social media travel inspiration, follow along with our weekly best travel Instagrams series.