Koenigsegg's Final Agera Supercars Get Comic Book Hero Names

Vader and Thor have landed.

An era of modern supercar has come to a close for Swedish carmaker, Koenigsegg. No they’re not closing up shop, rather they’re retiring their legendary Agera line with two ‘Final Edition’ models aptly tagged the Koenigsegg Agera FE.

The manufacturer also gave each one a unique name with inspiration borrowed from today’s Marvel and Star Wars films. One of the Ageras has been named ‘Thor’ whilst the other has been called ‘Väder’.

Each model wears unique badging bearing these quirky names where the normal badges would usually be found. The aesthetic touch accompanies larger wings mounted to the front and rear whilst Thor gets an F1-style dorsal fin. Väder meanwhile gets special wing supports to show off the active aero mechanism.

Both carbon bodies receive a distinct finishing with Thor wearing a two-tone hue featuring ‘diamond-flake’ sections whilst Väder wears ‘diamond-flake’ alongside gold leaf accents. The engine department will be looked after with a 1,000kW twin turbo V8 carried over from the One:1.

Those figures should be enough to warm crowds over until the successor to the Agera is revealed at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. And you can bet that the car will look as wild as its outgoing brother.