Kubota Architect's Latest Exercise In Japanese Minimalism

Kubota Architect

The term ‘minimalism’ often carries with it a many connotations of Scandinavian design.

Today we’re taking a break from that stuff and visiting the refined world of Japanese living through their own interpretation of minimalism. Welcome to Atelier FU House, a strikingly bare and intriguing home designed by Kubota Architect Atelier.

The firm has been around for almost thirty years now and churning out one of their latest signature homes has put this Shunan residence on the map. The Ferrari certainly helps with that to a degree.

Elsewhere it’s all about the modern geometric lines paired with exposed concrete everywhere. The designers say this is to drown out external noise but given it’s Japan, the noise really can’t be that bad.

the home features a terrace, pool that opens up via sliding doors and a of course the carport which makes for easy street access and viewing from within the home. A master bedroom resides upstairs with more space that is accessed via a concrete staircase.

Can it be lived in? Absolutely. We’d imagine that vacuuming would be a bitch though.

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