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Best Common Projects Alternative

Embrace your inner demigod.

It’s no secret that we at D’Marge love white sneakers and in our experience, the humble Common Projects Achilles Low is the best you can get. It started the minimalist white sneaker revolution way back when it was founded in 2014, but only became ‘mainstream’ in the last couple of years. Much like Achillies the Greek demigod, the Achillies low has one fatal flaw, their price tag. Priced at well over $400, they aren’t cheap. And nice as they are, many can’t justify the price tag.

Fear not: we feel your pain and spend our time searching high and low to find the perfect alternative; a sneaker that has all of the good qualities of the Achillies, but without the price tag. Our latest find, the Kulson One is as close to perfect as we’ve found. Priced at $263 they’re nearly half the price of the Achillies, not cheap but they’re handmade in Italy from Italian leather so what do you expect? Their silhouette is nearly identical to the Achillies and the only difference I have noticed is the lack of gold stamping of the outside heels. You really can’t pick them apart.

Same quality, same materials, same look, half the price. There is no excuse not to go and cop these perfect Common Projects alternative.

Shop Kulson One White $263

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