LaFerrari Top Speed: Watch Owner Hit 372 km/h On Autobahns

Balls the size of watermelons.

Before we jump into things with this piece, we first have to say we don’t condone this style of driving…but it does make for entertaining viewing.

It seems as though some people are enjoying the current lockdown measures put in place around the world, especially those with a fair few horsepower under their right foot. That’s certainly the attitude taken by this LaFerrari owner, who decided to take advantage of the empty roads – we’re assuming somewhere in Europe, most likely Germany’s Autobahns – to hit the limiter on his million-dollar supercar.

That’s fine in some respects, you’ve paid out a fair chunk of cash for a car that the vast majority of us will never even see – let alone sit in – and you’ve taken it out on a highway that famously has no enforced speed limit in most areas. What we can’t quite understand is that the guy in this video filmed himself hitting the top speed of 372km/h (231mph) on his phone, leaving just one hand on the steering wheel.

It’s pretty idiotic behaviour (although, even we have to admit it takes a truckload of courage), and were a hazard to present itself we have no doubts it would have only ended one way (we assume he has a Will written) but it is at least proof that LaFerrari can indeed reach the top speed its makers claim.

LaFerrari was produced as a limited number of 499 models with a coupe body style from 2016-2018, with its name simply translating to “The Ferrari” as it was designed to be the absolute pinnacle of what Ferrari’s engineers could achieve. It was then released as an open-top version, dubbed ‘Aperta’ between 2016-2018. Its power output is rated at 950hp thanks to a combination of its V12 engine and a complex KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) unit – derived from its Formula 1 technology.

Some 21 computers are onboard with the sole purpose of controlling the traction control system, which, combined with clever body styling and an active aerodynamic system, keep LaFerrari planted on the tarmac at flat out speeds. It’s this technology that kept our maniac driver here safe and sound.

It’s an absolute beast of a car and one that we here at DMARGE would love to be able to see in the flesh one day. But it would have to be specced in a Ferrari Red colour, the only logical choice. Not the white the idiot in this video appears to have gone with.

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