Lebron James Drops F-Bomb After Breaking All Time NBA Scoring Record

"F*ck man. Thank you guys."

LeBron James has broken the NBA’s all-time (regular season) scoring record during today’s LA Lakers’ clash with the Thunder. During his congratulatory speech (which the game was paused for), he dropped a heartfelt F-Bomb we can’t help but commend.

Lebron James has broken Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s longstanding all-time regular season scoring record, which has stood since April 5, 1984.

The Lakers’ star started the game needing 36 points to break Abdul-Jabbar’s record of 38,387 points. Though the game is ongoing, Lebron broke the record fifteen minutes ago (from the time of writing) and the game was paused for Lebron to give a speech.

During that speech, Lebron was very classy and generous and said he was grateful to be standing there alongside Kareen, and also thanked his friends and family for getting him to where he has been over the last two decades.

Poignantly, at the end, he said, “F*ck man. Thank you guys.”


Though some Twitter users weren’t impressed (one wrote: “My 3-year-old child just started crying because LeExplicit swore at him, thanks a lot”), we say let the man show a bit of emotion. He’s more than earned it. As one Twitter user pointed out: “What more could he say?”