Watch ‘Liver King’ Eat 50 Raw Eggs In Under 3 Minutes

Egg-cellent idea, or a complete yolk? You decide

Just how much are you prepared to put your body through in your search for muscular gains? Anyone who wants to pile on the muscle should know they need to make sure their diet is in a calorie surplus (i.e. you’re consuming more calories than you burn through exercise).

Of course, ensuring you consume the ‘right’ foods can make this an easier task than you might think. Foods that are naturally high in protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats can soon rack up the calories you need, which includes eggs.

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You may, however, have your own opinions as to how many eggs you should consume in a week. But one man has clearly said “up yours” to such claims: the Liver King.

Real name Brian Johnson, the Liver King is an absolute unit of a man who lives his life in the same way our ancestors did (or how he imagines they did). This means hunting and consuming various animal meats, including testicles, and eating them raw; regular exposure to natural sunlight; and walking barefoot to reconnect with the earth.


While his recent testicle-eating exploits may have been too much to stomach for some, his latest meal of choice should be a lot less vomit-inducing, in so much as he’s eating a food many of us eat on a regular basis: eggs. Although, Brian decides to consume 50 raw eggs in just two and a half minutes, and challenges anyone else who watches the video to try and shot at least one raw egg, and post their efforts to their social accounts.

His challenge has received numerous responses from followers, all showing themselves chugging several raw eggs.

Eggs are an incredible food source and, according to WebMD, a single egg contains around 7-grams of high-quality protein, 5-grams of fat, 1.6-grams of saturated fat and a host of other essentials vitamins and minerals.

For a time, they were outlawed by many, as it was believed they contained incredibly high amounts of cholesterol. In fact, Healthline adds a medium-sized egg contains around 186mg of cholesterol, “which is 62% of the recommended daily intake.” Bear in mind, this refers to the whole egg, yolk included. The white of the egg contains mostly protein, with a low amount of cholesterol.

You may think, then, that Liver King’s 50 shots of raw eggs will be a one-way ticket to a heart attack. But that might not actually be the case.

As Healthline states, “cholesterol plays a very important function in your body. It’s a structural molecule that is essential to every cell membrane. It is also used to make steroid hormones like testosterone, oestrogen and cortisol.”

What people may not have initially known, is that your body is clever enough to regulate the levels of cholesterol, should you consume high amounts through your diet, “when you eat a lot of cholesterol-rich foods, your liver starts producing less to keep levels from becoming excessively high,” Healthline relates.

Where you need to be careful with your cholesterol intake is if your blood levels are raised, as a “high intake [of cholesterol-rich foods] may cause a moderate increase in blood cholesterol level.”

WebMD adds, “When scientists learned that high blood cholesterol was associated with heart disease, foods high in cholesterol logically became suspect. But after 25 years of study, it has become evident that cholesterol in food is not the culprit – saturated fat has a much bigger effect on blood cholesterol.”

So, Liver King’s 50 egg brunch may not be so bad after all.

It’s also worth noting that his eggs are pastured eggs, and the type of egg you consume can have various health benefits or side effects. According to Delishably, pastured eggs are far superior, they are “richer in colour and flavour, with a deep orange yolk. They have more nutrients that conventional eggs.”

This is because pastured eggs are “eggs laid by chickens that are raised on green pasture, with access to sun, bugs, space and fresh air. They eat a natural omnivorous diet full of bugs.”

You’ll no doubt have seen the various other types in the supermarket, such as cage-free and free range, but these can be deceptive terms to encourage you to buy. What they actually mean is that the chickens won’t be kept in cages, but might be crowded into hen houses without access to sunlight, or they simply have ‘access’ to outdoor areas, but aren’t necessarily left outside the whole time.

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Delishably adds you will get a far greater nutritional content from pastured eggs, “or you could eat more conventional eggs to reap the same amount of nutrition, but then you are adding more calories to your diet.” Of course, if calories is what you’re chasing, this might not matter to you, but you may want to think about only including two yolks and four egg whites, for example, for your breakfast of eggs on toast.

Of course, none of this necessarily makes the video of the Liver King stomaching 50 eggs in one hit any easier to watch. But we’d still take it over a set of balls. Are you prepared to take the challenge?